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Wine Tasting | Miguel A Torres & Meat At The Parish

Before our doors officially opened (19/4/2016), Meat at the Parish hosted a group of privately invited local restauranteurs to sample a unique selection of wine & brandy from Torres Wines as part of a wine tasting luncheon.

Founded in 1870 by Jaime Torres Vendrell, Torres Wines has stayed within the family for five generations & has been managed to a consistently exceptional standard by every patron that has taken on the directorial role. Produced in Chile & California as well as distributed globally, Torres Wines are a "leader in the top quality wine & spirit sector with better, differentiated products."

"A legacy built through the efforts of five generations."

At the event itself, Meat at the Parish were honoured to be joined by Miguel A. Torres, President of Bodegas Torres. Upon joining the family business in 1962, Miguel modernised viticulture and winemaking techniques, went on to write several successful books and in 2012 received the Order of the Lion of Finland, the highest decoration the Finnish government can grant to a foreigner.

Meat at the Parish are delighted to have 7 specially selected wines from Torres on our already extensive wine list & we hope that you come along to sample what we have to offer. The wines have been chosen to compliment our menu & our staff are always happy to share their recommendations or pairing choices!

We are incredibly grateful to Miguel A. Torres for taking the time to join us, share his legacy & allow us to indulge in his knowledge. We hope all that exclusively attended enjoyed the experience!

Look out for other special events & news - welcome to our blog!

- MATP Windsor

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